Positioning of our Elected Officials

We have a high regard for our elected officials and we thank them for representing our interests at the federal, state and local levels.

Ratings for how our Communities’ interests regarding ASRA have been addressed:

Lori Parlin – El Dorado County Supervisor
  • Sponsored a letter, supported by all the Supervisors, opposing the expansion based on Public Safety concerns.
  • Got Parks to have a public meeting in Cool (August 2019).
  • Attended Town Hall meetings hosted b y ARCC/DAC.
  • Arranged a meeting with State Parks Director Lisa Mangat.
  • Personally met with ARCC on several occasions.
Tom McClintock – Congressman
  • In-person & Zoom meetings with District Staff and ARCC.
  • Orchestrated meeting with BOR and ARCC.
  • Secured funding for expanded vegetation management (Fire Control).
  • Influence limited to BOR (Federal govt), not State Parks.
Cindy Gustafson – Placer Supervisor
  • Assumed office in mid-2019, after ASRA plan was mostly complete.
  • Had several personal phone calls with ARCC to hear about issue specifics.
  • Supportive of local Fire Agencies.
Brian Dahle – CA State Senator
  • Staff attended our Community Town Hall meeting in Cool, Jan 2020.
Frank Bigelow – CA Assembly

We are mystified at the lack of response and/or interest our State representatives have demonstrated with our Public Safety Concerns. In 2019, we requested a meeting with both representatives. Last month we requested they provide their position regarding the ASRA expansion plans. There has been no response to either request.