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2022 Events:

APRIL, 2022: El Dorado County has funded a study of the Highway 49 corridor through the confluence and is accepting public input. The study will likely take a year to complete.

They have an interactive map online and are asking the public to go to the map and offer comments on whatever section of road they want to address. You can also “like” comments from others.

American River Confluence Study
Interactive Mapping Tool
Georgetown Gazette Article

JANUARY, 2022: ARCC received updated news about plans for ASRA… READ MORE >>

2021 Events:

SEPT 30: State Parks Commission Meeting. **The State Commission approved the expansion plan for ASRA.**

SEPT 27: We participated in a virtual meeting with the Director of State Parks where we asked them to pull the Plan until it:
— adheres to CALFIRE recommendations and
— includes community input.

SEPT 22: We sent a presentation to the Parks Committee outlining our concerns..

SEPT 13: We sent out a general “Call to Action” email asking the public to be aware that the State Parks Commission plans to meet on September 30th and will most likely adopt their Plan “As Is”. This would be a dangerous move for our communities. We also initiated a Petition to the Parks Commission.

MAY 21: Members of our California State Legislature heard our message! A letter regarding the Confluence parking issue was sent to Secretary Kim of the California State Transportation Agency by Senator Dahle, Assemblywoman Dahle and Assemblyman Bigelow. Read the Letter >>.

MAY 18: We published a call to residents of the Divide to email our elected officials regarding the serious issue of parking at the Confluence interfering with our potential evacuation route…

MAY 14: We contacted our Senate, Assembly and Supervisors to get their support and hand delivered our petition to Director Benipal at Caltrans.

MAY 12: CBS 13 covers our story >>

MAY: We contacted our Senate, Assembly and Supervisors to get their support & issued a press release to media.

APRIL 30: Nearly 1,000 signatures were obtained and we thank you!!

APRIL: ARCC created a petition to Caltrans entitled: “Highway 49 between Auburn and Cool is a STATE HIGHWAY, not a PARKING LOT!!”
See the petition verbiage and the result! >>

Regarding the ASRA Expansion Plan:
MARCH: Read the letter we sent to Armando Quintero, Director of Parks >>