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APRIL, 2022: El Dorado County has funded a study of the Highway 49 corridor through the confluence and is accepting public input. The study will likely take a year to complete.

They have an interactive map online and are asking the public to go to the map and offer comments on whatever section of road they want to address. You can also “like” comments from others.

* American River Confluence Study
* Interactive Mapping Tool
* Georgetown Gazette Article

JANUARY., 2022: ARCC received updated news about plans for ASRA… READ MORE >>

SEPT., 2021: The State Commission approved the expansion plan for ASRA.

ARCC’s Status

Our activities remain on the ‘back burner’ for now; however, this website is still relevant and will be maintained for battles to come when Parks takes action to implement a component of their master plan they approved last year. We will continue to post items of interest on our Facebook page.

The ASRA Master Plan will Add:

ASRA map with warnings

About The American River Community Coalition (AARC)

ASRA (Auburn State Recreation Area) wants to add 245 proposed campsites (400,000+ more visitors) but there is no plan for maintenance.  Regarding fire, traffic and water safety issues, it’s “We’ll address that later.”  That won’t do!  Even after addressing much community input, the ASRA Final Plan is going ahead with little change to the original draft plan – and it still neglects important safety measures.

We want our land managers to have projects that are SAFE!

ASRA Gen’l Plan

The Auburn State Recreation Area (ASRA) has published a draft general plan proposing more campsites, more activities, more cars to encourage more people to visit the areas surrounding the confluence…  

Hazards in the Plan

We believe the ASRA plan does not address with enough detail fire safety and emergency evacuation measures; that staffing for supervision is not adequately funded…

ARCC’s Position…

Our community group has come up with recommendations to the ASRA General Plan for these topics: Fire Safety, Evacuation, Water Safety, Maintenance and Operations…

Take Action!

Contact Your Local Decision Makers

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El Dorado County Residents
Alexandra Stehl
Parks Planner
Brian Dahle
CA Senator

Staff: David Orosco

Frank Bigelow
CA Assembly

Aide: Katie Phillips

Glenn Brown
Georgetown Fire Chief
Lori Parlin
El Dorado County Supervisor

Staff: Shelley
Phone: (530) 621-6513

Mike Blankenheim
CAL FIRE Amador, El Dorado
Tim Cordero
Eldo Fire Chief

Phone: (530) 644-9630

Placer County Residents
Alexandra Stehl
Parks Planner
Brian Dahle
CA Senator

Staff: David Orosco

Frank Bigelow
CA Assembly

Aide: Katie Phillips

Alice Dowdin Calvillo
Auburn City Council
Brian Estes
Cindy Gustafson
Placer County Supervisor
Dave Spencer
Auburn Fire Chief
John Michelini
Foresthill Fire District

Thank you for taking action!

Stay aware of the safety issues surrounding the Confluence…